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Blue Ocean Bathroom Pedestal Set

Fantastic blue ocean style. It can make your bathroom clean, fresh and vibrant!!


Product description:

Package include:
3 pieces set (Pedestal Rug + Lid Toilet Cover + Bath Mat Set)


  • Material:Polyester bottom: PVC mesh bottom
  • Color:As the picture show
  • Size:50*80cm (Approx. 19.7*31.5"),50*40cm (Approx.19.7*15.7"),45*40cm (Approx.17.7*15.7")

(1) Velvet fabric, very soft feeling and comfortable, PVC mesh bottom, non-toxic, odorless, not moldy. 
(2)Easy absorb water and dust good slip resistance.
(3) Easy to clean, can be directly washed by washing hine or hands, not shed and fade, the back avoid to direct sunlight. 
(4) High density super soft fabrics, comfortable, environmental protection, good ventilation. 

(5) They are a fun,easy and removable decor solution.

(6) Simply peel them off and reapply to wherever you want and they won't damage your paint or leave any mess.

Can be used under the table and in bedroom, kitchen, bed, car seat, sofa cushion, and so on. 

Hand wash: Soak in water 10 minutes, then add the detergent or laundry detergent, scrub gently with a brush. Or folded twice into the washing machine.To remove stains mix 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap, 1 quart of warm water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Use a soft cloth to apply cleaner to the stain and blot gently. Don't rub because you can cause the carpet fibers to mat.


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