Customize 3D Sky & Beach Non-woven Wallpaper


This is an Awesome Beach Wallpaper for You!!!!

Limited in Stock!!!!



3D Beach & Sky Decals Wall Art Wallpaper 


Material: Natural Material, Non-woven wallpaper

Size: please see following.



    It's a kind of Custom mural wallpaper, We must produce according to your wallaccurate size (Height and Width). You must know well all the details before  purchasing the products.  In order that you could get what you want.

  1.   Please place the order refer to the following caculation method:    For example,  Your wall height is 2.5 meters, the width is  3 meters.  Please add extra 0.05m on both of height and width when you caculate .   Area:  (2.5+0.05)m *  (3+0.05)m=7.77 Square meters .  You need to purchase 8 square meters, When you make the order. 

  2.   Please write down the accurate wall size below the order or leave me the message in time.  

  3.  Custom wallpapers are made up of many pieces, It's not a whole wallpaper, It will  been cut into many pieces in order that it could suit for the internation shipping.    If you couldn't accept it,  Please don't purchase, Thanks!

  4.   There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of Wallpaper, It isn't self-adhesive wallpaper.  Please prepare the glue or paste powder ahead of posting the wallpaper.

  5.   If you haven't provided us your detail custom size below the order within 24 hours. We will customize the mural wallpaper as per the following default size.

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