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Planning a Beach Vacation in Cheapest Way - Here is how ...

Planning a Beach Vacation in Cheapest Way - Here is how ...

I love Beach. So I do like to go to beaches during holiday.

Imagine that dipping toes into the warm sand with an umbrella drink in hand....The feeling is so nice....

But will it cost a lot??

Let's sharing the tips on how to plan a beach vacation on a budget, so that no need to worry about costing too much.

1. When planning a vacation, make sure to take into account all transportation expenses, including airfare or train tickets, gas for your car or rental car fees, and public transportation costs once you get to your destination. Don’t forget about those miscellaneous items such as shopping at seaside boutiques, dining out or entrance fees at boardwalk attractions. If you lead an active lifestyle, consider rental fees associated with surfboards or bicycles, or the cost of acquiring car equipment. 

2. No need to travel far to enjoy a great beach vacation. There are a lot of affordable beach locations in US to travel, like Myrtle Beach (SC), Colonial Beach (VA), Pere Marquette Beach (MI), St. Marys (GA), Pacifica (CA), etc. You'll find the surprisingly affordable vacation towns to visit.


                               The list of affordable beach locations in US (Coming Soon)

3. Avoid peak time / season. Major holidays and weekends are busy times for beach communities. Hotels charge peak season rates between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If possible, consider a weekday beach getaway, or plan a trip in September when rates are lower and many schools are back in session. Affordable prices aren’t the only upside. Depending on what coast you’re visiting, the weather and water are both still pleasantly warm, and the crowds are more manageable.

4. Consider renting a condo / vacation home. You can consider finding one from a site with a large network of users like Airbnb or VRBO. Look for properties that are located near restaurants, activities and the beach so you’ll enjoy the convenience without having to rent a car.  

 5. Plan for your activity on the beach. Sometimes you can ask around to see  any discounts on lessons or activities when you arrive to the destination. Also, you can bring beach toys and inflatable rafts and plenty of sunscreen instead of buying the marked-up products at the gift shop.


 Hope you can enjoy your affordable beach getaway with the above tips the coming holiday!!!